The new Honda VTR-F250 adds a fairing to the popular VTR250.

So you live in Japan and you're on a license restricting you to 250cc, max. Do you go the economical route and get the cheaper, more frugal CBR250R or do you go the performance route and buy the more expensive, but faster VTR250? What if you want fairing? Enter the Honda VTR-F250, a faired version of Honda's little v-twin.

The VTR250 is a long-running staple of the Japanese Domestic Market, where license tiers create demand for small, but premium motorcycles. It uses a v-twin to the CBR's single-cylinder, which brings a tad more power, if less torque. A lightweight steel trellis frame also ups visual appeal.

Where the CBR makes 26bhp, 17lb/ft of torque and weighs 357lbs (wet), the naked VTR-F makes 29.5bhp, 16lb/ft and weighs 355lbs.

Further confusing matters, the VTR-F's new headlight is identical to that of the CBR250R's. That Japan-made v-twin carries a significant premium, retailing in Japan for the equivalent of $6,300, where the Thai-made CBR retails in Japan for the equivalent of $4,800.

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