As early as the 1st millennia BC, elephants have been used in a military capacity. For both logistics and as a terrifying form of cavalry used to smash through the ranks of opposing infantry. Throughout the ages, militarized pachyderms have been used for warfare in various capacities, ranging from archery platforms to mobile machine gun turrets.

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I once read that elephant drivers would carry special spiked hammers that they would use to kill their own elephants in the event that one of them went berserk in battle and began to trample and maul friendly forces.

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Fortunately, the drivers of this petulant pachyderm had no such grisly device, or at least, chose not to employ it when their tusked-mount decided to vent its rage on some innocent motorcycles and trucks.

Posted by Anwar Sadath M C on Friday, February 26, 2016

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