Aerostich is hosting two pop-up events in the Western United States in October.

Aerostich is traveling west to Nevada and Oregon next month.

The Nevada event will take place in Reno and will be a special four-day pop-ip event. Join Aerostich factory fitting experts and see, feel, try on, and experience all of the latest Aerostich riding gear - including the new 'R-3' (Roadcrafter 3) Suit, Roadcrafter City and Tactical Suits, Women's sized Roadcrafters, Utility Riding Pants, Protekt Jeans and Khaki’s and more.

Try on gear, get measured for optional custom alterations (if needed) and experience the better feel and fit of standard graded sizes. (Not S, M, L, XL, etc but 40, 40L, 40S, 42, 42L, 42S, etc.)

The venerable riding outfit outfit will pop up October 6-9, a the Caughlin Ranch shopping center in Reno. Along with a full array of suits, jackets and pants, riders can check out Aerostich Messenger Bags, Elkskin and Deerskin Gloves, Tank Panniers, Saddle Bags, Seat Bags, Fleece and Electric Liners.

Riders can also fit to be tried when The Pop-Up Tour moves to Gresham, Oregon, outside Portland for the next event on October 13-16. The Gresham Town Fair Shopping Center is located 16 miles east of Portland.

Visit the Aerostich website for more details. Advance fitting appointments are available.

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