French company Shetters has come up with a solution to reduce the impact of changing light intensity while on a motorcycle thanks to an LCD visor.

French company has come up with a solution to reduce the impact of changing light intensity while on a motorcycle

Sunny days are nature’s invitation to go for a ride, so you throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses and hit the road. The only small downside to cruising under the sun is crossing those shaded areas—or even tunnels—and barely being able to see for a few seconds. Or if you’re not wearing any sunglasses, the blinding effect when you emerge once more is exacerbated. Manufacturers have come up with transition helmet visors to help smooth things out, but in most cases, the transition takes a few minutes. One ambitious company is addressing that problem however, and promises a transition from clear to dark in less than a second.

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French company Shetters has decided to solve that issue by introducing a line of Arai and Shoei-compatible LCD visors. The visors use light sensors to determine the degree of shade required and react in 0.04 seconds to provide instant anti-blinding protection. The LCD technology is also connected to a small solar panel so that you never have to worry about forgetting to charge your visor - the system is fully autonomous.

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While the visor offers varying degree of shade according to light intensity, it makes you wonder how it reacts in areas of patchy light and shade and whether your helmet will turn into a private rave party.

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The visors, as well as Shetters’ sunglasses fitted with the same technology, are now offered on Kickstarter. Pricing starts at US$230 for the first hundred visors sold then increases to roughly US$280 (still a steal from the product's full price). First deliveries are scheduled for September.

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