Troopers shoot then kick rider off his bike. Walker, Texas Ranger would be proud of the end this 130mph, 38-mile chase.

I guess this is how you end bike pursuits in Texas. 'Murica everyone!

This ballsy (but dumb) rider decided to scramble after running a stop sign and pays the price in flesh and blood. The chase lasted for 38 miles and reached speeds of up to 130+ mph. Within seconds of the video, you can hear four shots being fired from Officer Martinez's gun, one of which finds its way into the suspect's thigh. A back-up trooper ensures immobility with a Chuck Norris approved kick that sends our perp flying off his bike. Watch the video below (mind the ad) and gawk in bewilderment. This is probably the most American way to end a bike chase. And we're not sure if that's a good thing.

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Unnecessary? Highly. Could this have been avoided if the biker just stopped initially? Without a doubt. Could this have been done without a shot to the thigh? Probably, but I'm not touching gun debates with a 100 foot pole.

Surprisingly, Martinez was reprimanded with a questionable penalty of three days unpaid leave for use of excessive force. Which is good and all, but what I really want to know is how many episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger these officers watched before clocking in that day. This whole incident brings us to the age old motto: Don't mess with (or run from) Texas. Chuck Norris incarnates will come after you in an all-out guns blazing show of force.

via Statesman

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Troopers Shoot Biker and End Chase In the Most Chuck Norris Way Possible
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