Accidents happen on motorcycles, we all know it.  It's not a matter of "if," but rather "when" and when you are a racer, a high-side or low side is almost guaranteed in your career.

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However, not many expect to barrel into a wall, but that's exactly what happened to AMA Pro Flat Track racer Shawn Baer when running the Indy Mile this past July.  Coming out of turn 4, gaining speed in excess of 130 mph along the front straight, Shawn entered turn 1 a bit hot and just catches the outside air cushion bordering the wall. Instantly, Shawn's bike is totaled and nearly impacts racers passing by at speeds above 100 mph!

Shawn sustained a few injuries, but the real kicker is that he was able to go to work two days later. Motorcycle racers are built tough!

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Here's an interview recap of the crash with Shawn Baer just one week after the crash.

Footage courtesy of the AMA Pro Flat Track and FansChoiceTV.

AMA Pro Flat Track Indy Mile - Baer Crash

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AMA Pro Flat Track Racer Shawn Baer's Gnarly Crash at Indy
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