Don't me ask why, but Kawasaki gave us a motorcycle.

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Yeah, they simply gave us a motorcycle to built into whatever we wanted. We introduced a teaser video earlier this summer to showcase the general idea, but here's a more in depth look at what we're doing.

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I've decided to play this close to the vest, as we're not the only ones with bikes, so below is simply an introduction to the project. The design in the video has changed slightly, namely the color scheme and graphics. We're forced to stick with a more factory fender too, as apparently the inner fender is welded to the frame. Our one rule before starting the project was no cutting on the frame.

No, it's not a competition, but this is the first time I or RideApart have done such a build, so we need to bring our A-game. Follow our social channels (RideApart) for updates as we make more progress. As I write this I'm heading out to the garage to machine new controls and a new axle.

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Introducing the RideApart Vulcan S Custom Build - The Vulcan S(crambler)
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