Racing runs in the blood of many who see the true glory in the sport. Plenty individuals race in amateur competitions, whether it be in actual cars or in go-karts, to fulfill the need for racing. But in several occasions, we crave for more—a professional experience, perhaps. An experience that will permit us to run cars like if we were actually pro drivers, had our own team, and compete against others in real pro-like tracks. Well, if that’s you, then let your lust decay. From the founders of the Exotics Racing supercar experience comes a new undergoing in which gearheads, and racers alike, can have the whole professional-like racing experience with just your intense desire and some money, of course.

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A Turn-Key Racing Experience Not to Miss

Commencing this Fall, the arrive-and-drive EXR Racing Series will allow contestants to join sprint races—which are short and fast-based—that start at $4,990 and endurance races—which last between two and six hours in cars that can be shared with up to four drivers—that start at $9,990 without the hassle of investing on a car, crew, or gear. The professional-level experience will begin its journey on November 3rd with an endurance race in Las Vegas, and will proceed on to the West Coast. The series will round off in a five-day Las Vegas Super final event on December 1st to 5th. The winner will take home $100,000— not bad if you’re not a pro.

Along with the opportunity to shine on the track, the EXR Racing Series supplies every driver with a full compliment of the best gear and required training. Included are the new fleet of EXR LV02 cars, purpose-built racetracks, trackside facilities, a licensing program, personalized coaching, and skilled technicians.

A Turn-Key Racing Experience Not to Miss

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So what are the EXR LV02 cars? They are 230-HP rear-wheel drive racing machines that are easy to control and enjoyable to drive. The cars feature a sedan-style body over a tube-frame chassis, a six-speed sequential trans with paddle shift, and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Drive in a nimble car and feel like a pro.

The series arranges 16 race weekends per season in tracks dispersed in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Other exclusive stops are made which include the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

A Turn-Key Racing Experience Not to Miss

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Don’t want to compete in the whole season? Then it’s perfectly fine. Drivers can choose to run one race or simply test the car for a few hours on one of the special-tailored tracks in Sin City or in the city of Angels. The Exotic Racing tracks are open for practice seven days a week, year-round. For more information, visit their website at


A Turn-Key Racing Experience Not to Miss
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