Whether it's your fault or not, one thing is certain about riding motorcycles: You're going to have some scares. That's just an inherent part of tackling the road, you're essentially exposed to anything and everything.

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You Vs. Them, Nature and Yourself

Maybe somebody almost turned into you. Maybe you were riding some forest roads, and a deer sprinted out in front of you. Maybe you were going around a simple corner when an oil splatter or smattering of gravel had your back-end flapping. Or mayyybe you actually made a really stupid mistake and almost put yourself in a hospital bed. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of situations that could soil your kevlar jeans.

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QOTD: What Was Your Scariest Moment on a Motorcycle?

What? You? Rattled?

We want to know what moment (or moments) in your motorcycling life got your heart pumping the most?

It is Halloween weekend, after all.

Tell us your story in the comments section below.

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QOTD: What Was Your Scariest Moment on a Motorcycle?
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