The wonderful thing about motorcycles is they are older than cars and offer plenty of icons for us to lust after. Be it a Harley-Davidson, Ducati or a Triumph. We've all got our hearts set on our "dream bike" but most of us won't be able to enjoy the kind of ride professional athlete David Beckham had on his Triumph Bonneville Amazon spec.

Featured in a 90-minute BBC documentary (Showtime in the US), "Beckham into the Unknown", the Triumph Bonneville proved it's valor time and time again although no adventure through the treacherous terrain of the Amazon jungle isn't without incident. 

Sure, a late night clutch lever replacement isn't ideal but neither is navigating onto and off of extremely narrow and buoyancy tested native canoes; remember, this is the Amazon after all.

What started as a Bonneville T100, quickly turned into a fully capable, stripped down performance machine. The wide Bonneville bars, high pipe, relaxed seating position and stripped back nature all combine to deliver a bike that is part desert sled, part Scrambler, part classic Bonneville and completely suited to the job at hand.

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