The Ulster GP in Northern Ireland hosts the World's Fastest Road Race with bikes racing at wide open throttle across the landscape!

We often look for videos that can certainly excite even the dullest of personalities. While most videos dub in dramatic pre-rolls or cheesy iMovie graphics this gent who attended the Ulster Grand Prix in Belfast, Northern Ireland decided to take a different route. Let the bikes speak for themselves.

Video: Wide Open Throttle In Ireland


World's Fastest Road Race

A TV recap with a music soundtrack, can never really give you the feeling being at the track for yourself. The sound and feel of the motors sprinting at wide open throttle is truly mesmerizing and addictive. Considering this particular race is known at the "World's Fastest Road Race" (even beating out Isle of Man), the Ulster GP hosts the longest straightaways in the world. Creating the very spectacle you see below. Put on your favorite headset or hook up to your best set of speakers. Crank it to ten and watch your coffee leap from your mug. This is down right amazing!

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