A killer video from Los Muertos Motorcycle Club of vintage motorcycles tearing up the desert.

Here's a killer video with no real rhyme or reason. No crashes or wild wheelies, but just some cool, vintage motorcycles screaming across the desert sand.

Shot, ridden and produced by a group of builders in South Africa called the Los Muertos Motorcycle Club. We like that it's just a solid, high quality video of all a ton of different bikes. The cool thing about the Los Muertos crew is that they build bikes from a slew of different brands.

The video opens with images of Harley-Davidson badges and an early flathead engine, followed by a Honda CB750, a BMW boxer motor among with others. There's what looks like a Yamaha SR screaming through the desert too. These Los Muertos boys don't discriminate when it comes to cool motorcycles.

South African Motorcycle Mayhem: The Los Muertos Motorcycle Club

The Los Muertos MC shop in an of itself is really cool too - sort of like a South African version of Deus as it blurs the lines between, coffee shop, motorcycle shop, clothing shop and, well, hipster hang out. Their slogan: "We Need to Make Motorcycles Cool Again." They're definitely off to a good start.


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