The Wheels & Waves show is a gathering of artists, builders, racers and riders.

This is one of the coolest events in the world and one of the weirdest combination of motorcycle related things. Wheels & Waves, is a surfing competition with a motorcycle race, ride and art show all wrapped in one.

Wheels & Waves is located on the south western coast of France, right before you enter Spain and hosted by the Southsiders MC, a group of six builders who get together in France to ride. The event is a gathering of talented artists, photographers, builders, riders, racers and surfers. Yamaha, BSA, Triumph, Harley-Davison, Moto Guzzi, there are a slew of killer vintage bikes at this show. From custom to stripped-down originals, the show is a combination of everything cool and a collaboration of like-minded dudes. We just wish this event was a little closer to CA.

Enjoy the recap video of this year's Wheels & Waves from Fuel TV.



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