"You lock the front on a car, you go wide. You lock the front on a bike, you go down," said rider Casey Stoner after being asked if all motorcycle racers are crazy. BBC's Top Gear festival in Sydney, Australia, decided to find out which is quicker: a V8 Supercar, F1 car or motorcycle, so they put them on a racetrack.

V8 Supercars are awesome, fire breathing machines producing around 630 hp. The bike for today is a 1000cc Honda Fireblade, making around 190 hp. The F1 car, of course is faster than both of them with 750 hp, but the idea is the  F1 car should lap both the V8 Supercar and bike within two laps. Either way, it's fun to watch. Sponsored by Red Bull, Marc Webber is in the F1 car and Jamie Whincup is in the V8 Supercar.

It's an entertaining video of a couple laps, the only major drawback is, we guess, that's a mostly factory bike with exhaust and slicks. It would have been cool to see a MotoGP Superbike.

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