While we all anxiously await the filming of the next Gymkhana installment here in LA, Ken Block has something to keep us patient, the RaptorTrax Shredfest.

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I interviewed Ken a few years ago and asked what was his favorite car, he said it was his daily driver Ford Raptor. It could go anywhere and have a blast on any surface. Well, like anything at Hoonigan Racing, the guys decided to take a good thing and make it ridiculous. They installed Trax--think four separate rollers like you'd find on a tank--along with a cage, rear mounted racing seats, all the necessary off-road safety stuff and what looks like a lift kit and what sounds like aftermarket exhaust.

Ken Block's RaptorTrax Shredfest

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This isn't Gymkhana-level filming, but what looks like just a really fun day tearing up the slopes in a Raptor. It's not as involved as his other tapes, but possibly more dangerous as he rips through the powder inches away from steep drop offs. Enjoy.

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Will it shred tires?

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