This is one of the coolest videos of the month. A BMW M235i and a Speedway bike went drifting for 5 hours to show us - how well the new M235i can drift? Sliding around the track with Speedway Racing legend Karl Maier, mounted on a speedway race bike, inches from the door of the BMW. There's also a cameo with a  modified BMW S1000RR that reminds us of this Terra Corsa mount.

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It looks like the video above is part of another video featuring Karl Maier and his BMW story. It's a very "Why We Ride" feeling to it and you can see the passion as he discusses racing, BMW motorcycles, and celebrating the two-wheeled life.

BMW Car and Bike Go Drifting on Dirt - Video

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What do you think of Karl's story, and more important, of a dirt-tired S1000RR?

BMW Car and Bike Go Drifting on Dirt - Video
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