Suzuki launches the newest version of their storied GSX-R1000.

Suzuki has launched a slew of new 2015 models, but one of the most talked-about will undoubtedly be the GSX-R1000. The new Gixxer literbike will be a beast. We didn't receive much in the way of overall specs, but we know that it will offer fans of previous models a lot to be happy about.


Sporting a 999cc inline four, Suzuki is touting the bike's adjustable power delivery system. Called the S-DMS, the bike allows riders to switch between three engine maps - A,B, and C. A will yield sharp throttle response throughout the throttle-opening range to realize maximal power delivery. B will give relatively soft throttle response up to the middle of the throttle-opening range. C provides relatively soft throttle response throughout the throttle-opening range by reducing engine power.

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Suzuki's Latest Literbike - the GSX-R1000

The 2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is available in two color styles: Pearl Mira Red / Metallic Matte Black; and Metallic Triton Blue. Regardless of the color scheme, the bike's being sold at a suggested retail price of $13,899.

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