Riding off-road is one of the funnest ways to enjoy motorcycling. Trail riding offers the freedom to head in nearly any direction, the BRAP of open exhaust pipes, the challenge of unexpected terrain, and the wonder of the unexpected.

Take for example this two-wheeled, desert explorer. He sees a hill, twists the throttle and charges unafraid, headlong into the unknown.

Why should our off-road motorcyclist be afraid? His bike has the power to surmount the obstacle, his big-block nobby tires will give him plenty of traction and his modern, long-travel suspension will cushion even the roughest Earth. He can handle anything, right?

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Anything that is, Except For...


Posted by 4 Stroke Baby ~ Only 4t on Sunday, December 28, 2014

Off-Road Motorcyclist Discovers the End of the Earth
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