Pikes Peak POV REALLY FAST with Commentary

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Our friends over at MotoGeo recently posted this incredible first person POV video of Jamie Robinson making a 10:30:453 run at the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb aboard a Ducati Pikes Peak Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak. Try not to pucker up as Jamie pushes the Multistrata to the limit with commentary talking you through every one of the course's 156 turns ascending from 9,390 ft to 14,115 ft.

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Jamie's time up the mountain was good for first place among the rookie racers and landed him fourth overall in the Heavyweight class. But what's more remarkable, as Jamie explains in the Pikes Peak POV video, is that he didn't even get to practice on the upper part of the Pikes Peak race course. Quite an incredible performance considering that Jamie was learning the last corners of the of the TT while he was racing. Imagine how he would have done had he gotten a proper practice run in.

Pikes Peak POV: REALLY FAST with Commentary

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Pikes Peak POV: REALLY FAST with Commentary
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