My childhood was spent building forts, sandcastles, and surfing in Santa Monica, but I would have given anything to have had my own pocket bike or go-kart a year after I learned how to walk.

Tima Kuleshov, (the kid riding the motorcycle) and four-year-old Makar Zheleznyak (the kid driving the go-kart), have the best parents in the world for getting them these toys and getting them started in their respective sports.

I fully expect to see these two kids become professional racers if they choose to commit themselves.

Just a Cute Video Of Baby Racers to End the Week

The video below is not only fantastic to watch, but it’s also super cute.

Yeah, that’s right, I said it: "Super cute."

I’m comfortable saying that publicly as a gruff, manly motorcyclist. We have a soft side too you know.

What I like most is that each of these kids have full-on race outfits, emulate the hardened stares seen in so many dramatic videos of adult racers, and show respect to one another at the end of the race. Sure, that last bit might be choreographed, but, c'mon! It instills good values.

Watch out Rossi, Kuleshov is coming for your titles.

Video courtesy of People are Awesome YouTube Channel

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