Liquid Performance Matte Finish Cleaner, Detailer, and Protectant tested and reviewed.

I had the chance to pick up a bottle of Liquid Performance Matte Finish cleaner at a show recently. As an owner of an all matte gray motorcycle, this little devil could come in handy.

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What is it?

A cleaner designed to be safe and effective on matte finishes that also doubles as a multi-purpose cleaner. It's also safe for the wind screen, gloss finishes, and other surfaces. Fortified with UV protectant, it prevents spotting and protects from acid rain while it cleans and shines.

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How does it work?

In everyday application it works great. Some products build up in the matte finish because it's porous. Without the clear coat layer, the paint soaks up whatever is applied to it. This can lead to scratches as the dirt becomes embedded in the cleaner and adheres to the paint.

Some detailers also apply a shine that looks uneven or smeared. The Liquid Performance cleaner cleans the surface and leaves no residue. Check out the video below to see how well it removed spray silicone oil from the side panel.

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Available for as low as $8.95 for an 8.5oz bottle—it's an inexpensive cleaner. It's also safe for helmet finishes and face shields.

Liquid Performance Matte Finish Cleaner
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