Imagine cruising down the highway, minding your own business when the alien from Predator just rockets down the highway on a mean looking moto as if it was just any other day.

We're not sure what inspired this Predator super fan to storm the streets in full movie quality attire but we kind of dig it. Not everyday do you see an iconic movie villain riding around on a novelty knife shop... err... chopper. Enough talk, the video below tells all.

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Jokes aside, we decided to investigate the alien hunter a little and it turns out the costume is more than just for show. The wrist pad can actually start the chopper up. Watch it in action below.

It takes some ingenious creativity and great lengths to create such a realistic and functional suit. Imagine seeing this thing bumbling down the highway—traffic would part like the Red Sea as motorists stare in pure awe. We can only imagine and we'd probably move out of the way (you know, to avoid being skewered and all.)

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Video: Is That a Predator Biker?– Now We've Seen it All

Photos Courtesy Of YouTubers mike blake and AwesomeVideos

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Video: Is That a Predator Biker?– Now We've Seen it All
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