A motorcycle PSA focused on cage drivers that has a very somber and sobering delivery. Is it too much or not enough?

In a land known for literal road racing (for potatoes) and for long fought battles of religious and political differences comes a motorcycle PSA that will shock you.

This is probably one of the more sobering public service videos we have featured. There was the Washington State video with Bear that was an eye-opener—but this uses a coffin, multiple crashes, and a message to get its rather depressing point across.

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We can say unequivocally that this message is designed for the car drivers, and it's a reminder to take that second look and to be cognizant of sharing the roads with motorcycles. Personally, I don't think this video goes too far and maybe needs to go further with the message. What's your take?

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Watch This Bone-Chilling Northern Ireland Motorcycle Safety PSA

Watch This Bone-Chilling Northern Ireland Motorcycle Safety PSA
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