With speculation at fever pitch over the possibility of Ducati being sold by its parent company, a member of the Volkswagen Group has officially spoken out against the rumor.

Rumors have been growing in intensity in recent weeks over the future of Ducati amid Volkswagen’s post-Dieselgate restructuring, details of which are to be released today.

Photo courtesy Sean Russell (@sea_russell)

Photo courtesy Sean Russell (@sea_russell)

Some had wondered whether Ducati would be on the chopping block, but Rupert Stadler, a board member of the Volkswagen Group, bluntly told British motorcycling newspaper MCN today: “Ducati is not for sale.”

That seems to make sense. Although the Italian motorcycle company has an unsteady past, Ducati has been a strong performer ever since being brought into the Volkswagen fold in 2012.

Ducati Not For Sale, Says VW Board Member

The rumors had grown inescapable in recent days, thanks in part to a report from the Bloomberg news group that suggested Volkswagen planned to sell off parts of its business in the wake of the emissions-cheating scandal, the biggest crisis in its history.

Meanwhile, Ducati saw its best-ever year last year, selling close to 55,000 motorcycles worldwide. In so doing, it managed to dramatically expand its markets in Europe and the United States.

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