Sweet Mother Machree, take a look at this thing. This, Victory Motorcycles, this simple, gorgeous, fire-breathing beast is the sort of thing some of us wish you would make.

The bike is called the #93 Octane. Based on the Victory Octane, it was built by stunt rider Aaron Colton and unveiled this week at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

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We don’t have a lot of photos of the bike yet, only those posted on Colton’s Instagram feed, but what we see we really, really like.

The most notable changes to the bike come in its reduced rake and sport-tire-friendly 17-inch wheel size. The ergonomics have been adjusted to allow a more standard, slightly sporty riding position. To our eyes, though, much of the chassis remains the same as that found on the standard Octane –– a fact that will no doubt encourage many ambitious Victory fans to try to copy Colton’s build.

Aaron Colton Builds the Victory Octane of Our Dreams

The presence of a SC-Project GP-1 exhaust gives the build a fantastic roar that would almost certainly violate all kinds of homeowners’ association rules. But who cares?

We'll post more photos if we can get them from Victory. And deep in our hearts we'll hope that somewhere at Polaris HQ someone high up is looking at Colton's bike and thinking: "Hmm, maybe we should make a production version of that thing..."

Aaron Colton Builds the Victory Octane of Our Dreams

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