Join ICON Motorsports as its team riders screw around, Drifting Triumph 675 Turbo Bikes.

“There’s some things in this word you just can’t explain” – Charlie Daniels ‘Legend of Wooley Swamp.'

If you’re in to watching motorcycles doing crazy stuff then you’ve chose the right article today. There's some stuff, you just have to see and this is one of thse things. On the eve of the release of many much anticipated stock motorcycles at the upcoming INTERMOT this weekend, we thought it would be fun to spend a few minutes looking at the latest evolution of the stunt bike craze and the highly modified machines that make these insane antics possible.

Motorcycle Drifting. No, wait: Tandem, motorcycle drifting. On turbocharged Triumph’s. Climb aboard with Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha as they spend a few minutes roasting AVON tires to oblivion in this sweet little video from ICON Motorsports and Triumph Motorcycles. You can’t explain it with words, so thank God for video. Enjoy.

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