Triumph Motorcycles has postponed its land speed record attempt due to the course conditions at Bonneville.

Rain at the start of the week has continued to hamper testing for seven days. While track conditions have improved, consistency over the full 11-mile was insufficient for the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner to safely conduct a Land Speed Record attempt.

Earlier this week, Triumph explained that the conditions had been responsible for a crash. The Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner lost traction on a damp section of the salt surface, causing the rear of the machine to step out of line and the streamliner to go down on the course.

“I know people will be disappointed at this news, but the safety of the rider, Guy Martin, and the support team has to be our prime consideration,” said designer Matt Markstaller. “The course conditions on the salt flats have forced us to wait for another window of opportunity.”

The team will resume its record attempt once conditions allow. When that will happen, though, is anyone's guess. The famous Bonneville Salt Flats has been suffering the ravages of environmental damage and many events have had to be called off in recent years.

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