Check out the new Suzuki SV650 Scrambler, which appears to be available only in France.

Sacre Bleu! Suzuki's SV650 Scrambler

Never one to jump into a trend too quickly (or, in some cases, ever), Suzuki has been one of the very few companies not to adapt a street scrambler from an existing model. Until now.

And if you aren't in France you may have to wait a while.

The Japanese manufacturer has released the SV650 Scrambler, but as best we can tell the model is only available for cheese-eating surrender monkeys. A video that surfaced this week shows a French chap magically transforming a standard SV650 using his Arrowverse-style metahuman powers of instant customization.

The video shows an unshrouded SV650 with higher, wider handlebars, enlarged footpegs, stubby front fender, a cosmetic headlight protector and small windscreen. Radiator side shields and Dunlop Mutant tires complete the package, all black-on-black but for the 50s-style brown tuck-and-roll seat. 

The Scrambler is currently for sale in France for €7,999, about US $8,600, so in this case less is more (MSRP on a SV650 ABS is $7,499. Keep in mind, though, that in Europe tax is included in the price).

Sacre Bleu! Check Out Suzuki's SV650 Scrambler

It would appear Suzuki is testing the waters in France – style capital of the world – and has not released plans to sell the SV650 Scrambler elsewhere. But we’re betting they will. 

In the meantime, check out more images (and finally use your high school French) on Suzuki's France website.

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