Don't know how we missed this when it was in its Kickstarter run earlier this year, but this tent has just found a way onto our Christmas wish list.

One hassle faced by motorcycle campers is getting the bike in the tent, right? So you either let the bike suffer or carry an extra tent for the bike. Now, though, you can eliminate the additional cover with the Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac, which protects both bike and rider from the elements.



The system was created via Kickstarter by a group of Swiss riders familiar with harsh conditions.

“This Bivouac is your reliable companion on motorcycle journeys, providing the necessary shelter and letting you enjoy the outdoors the purest way possible," claims the Exposed website. The bivouac uses your motorcycle as a part of the supporting structure to reduce the package size to a minimum.

We Want This: Exposed Bivouac Bike Tent


“Materials are carefully selected, crafted to last, and designed to provide a perfect shelter. There is enough room for one person and luggage. The zippered vent allows you to stand upright on your mattress. Luggage can be accessed quickly from the side."

Exposed says the Bivouac adapts to different motorcycle heights: from a low chopper, to mid-sized scrambler, to a high ADV machine.

We Want This: Exposed Bivouac Bike Tent


Exposed says the materials used in the making of the moto tent were "chosen with the aim of creating a product that you buy once in your life and will last for generations."

The Bivouac comes with a peg and pole pocket. It forms a rolled tent package that's 6 inches in diameter and 18 inches wide. The only drawback? The Exposed Bivouac will set you back CHF 450 (about US $441) – a little more than the good ol' blue tarp that old-school riders use.

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