As of today, Nov. 16, ThunderRoad Financial will offer retail financing to participating EBR Motorcycle Dealers. This partnership will provide the EBR Dealers with one of the most competitive financing programs available today.

“ThunderRoad Financial has in the last three years developed a great reputation for providing competitive and flexible financing programs to motorcycle dealers and their enthusiasts,” said Erik Buell of EBR. “With a team that consists of some of the most experienced and passionate motorcycle underwriters in the industry, they truly understand how to put a deal together and get the rider rolling down the road. With over 400 dealers and growing by the day, they are certainly doing something right.”

As for ThunderRoad’s position on the collaboration, they seem equally happy with the prospect of working with EBR in the coming years.

“For years Erik Buell has been synonymous with superb design, forward thinking and insightful engineering. The new EBR Motorcycles are a testament to that,” said Donal Hummer Jr, President and CEO of ThunderRoad Financial. “The type of customer that pays attention to the details and appreciates excellence in form and function, who wants to own and ride an EBR motorcycle, is just the customer we are looking for. Whether the EBR riders are going down the highway or carving up the canyons, they will definitely be taking the road by storm.”

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