The J.W. Speaker Corp. of Wisconsin has expanded its motorcycle headlight offering to include the industry's first dynamically adaptive LED headlight designed to fit Victory motorcycles, featuring the diamond shape unique to the brand.

According the the company, the adaptive headlight calculates bank angles and and angles the light to deliver better visibility through turns.

Company Develops Adaptive Headlight for Victory Motorcycles

"We appreciate our Victory motorcycle customers and could not be more excited to give them an Adaptive Series headlight, offering a custom fit and plug-and-play installation with this dynamically advanced technology," said Kurt Kaufmann, Motorcycle Market Sales Manager. "This new Adaptive Series headlight, uses the same advanced electronics and on-board sensors as its round predecessors."

"Our goal is to make a plug-and-play solution for as many motorcycles as possible. This year alone we are launching a Victory diamond fitment, a full line of metric fitment brackets, and coming in spring of 2017, we will launch the world's first Adaptive Series headlights for Road Glides," said Kaufmann.

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