Road racer Guy Martin has recently taken over running the Marrowbone and Cleaver pub in his home turf Kirmington, England. The refurbished pub is set to open over Christmas, “and boasts good honest pub food and proper beer–including Guy’s own Skull & Spanners brew," reports MCN. "Beats tea any day."

Martin has achieved worldwide notice for his racing exploits, cheerful attitude, sideburns and rapid-fire Lincolnshire accent. The BBC receives regular requests for subtitles, so viewers can understand his comments. Example: “Aye, gotoffabitthecorner, runthruthedowking, cliptawozzleinthenoggin, noscratin’tho.”

"Guy grew up in this village and wanted to make this pub a home from home for locals and guests that join them," declares the pub's website. "Roaring open fires, wooden beams, 166 squadron memorial stained glass, Guy’s 'Wall of Death' and a cheery smile from everyone that works there. You really do need to find an excuse not to join them.”

Set on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, or as Guy says "Center of t' Universe," the pub says it's ideal for families and day trippers popping in by car, foot, bicycle, and, of course, motorcycle. No doubt Chris is already planning a road trip. (Yup! –CC)

The Marrowbone and Cleaver was founded in 1871 by T. M.Frankish, who was a butcher and the pub landlord. The RAF Bomber Squadron was stationed at the nearby airfield in 1943.

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