The Polaris XP1K4 video will complete a series of sweet action sports short stories that features RJ Anderson driving the holy hell out of an XP1000.

Four years ago the folks form UTV Underground were commissioned to build a video the captured the essence of the popular RZR XP1000 side-by-side. Championship winning UTV racer RJ Anderson signed-on to be the star of the show and the rest, as they say, is history. The XP1K video was so bad ass that Polaris decided to milk it for all its worth (each video has millions of views, so it makes sense form a marketing perspective – Ed). Every year since, there has been a new XP1K video and XP1K4 is set to be released on Jan 17, 2017. The teaser is provided below and the previous three videos are below that one.

While the concept of watching RJ wail around abandoned industrial sites is played out, the stunts, camera angles and driving skill of Mr. Anderson cannot be denied. The latest video will be called XP1K4 and it looks like it will be pretty sweet, but I don’t know how they will ever come up with a better set of stunts than they did in XP1K2 in particular. I’ve included the original three videos below as well. This should help burn-up the first hour or so, once you get back from lunch break.

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