Dainese design space suits for European astronauts

Italian gear manufacturer Dainese makes more than just motorcycle gear – the company also helps protect European astronauts.

Following the September 2015 International Space Station mission during which Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen first tested SkinSuit, Dainese is returning to space protecting Thomas Pesquet, who has been a part of the Proxima Mission since November 17.

The result of a partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Dainese Science and Research Center, and developed to be worn in the International Space Station, SkinSuit provides “loading” in the head-to-foot direction, in effect re-creating gravity’s load on Earth in a weightless environment. SkinSuit aims to counteract the stretching of the spine in space, producing large amounts of vertical load without compromising comfort and movement. SkinSuit is completely made-to-measure by Dainese, requiring more than 150 measurements of the astronaut’s body to be taken.

Dainese says the space suit confirms "its commitment to researching innovative solutions for the protection of humans and constantly looks to the future by exploring possible evolutions of the relationship between nature, art and science."

Dainese has developed two space suits: SkinSuit and BioSuit. BioSuit is a space suit intended for the first human journey to Mars, expected around 2030, utilizing the “lines of non-extension” concept to apply the necessary mechanic pressure to the astronaut’s body without compromising movement.

Dainese says its design approach has always been inspired by nature and its structures. The latest technology for motorcyclists resulting from this approach is its D-air system.

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