Michelin has just released its new performance Power RS tire, much to the delight of knee draggers around the world.

Michelin has introduced the Power RS, the newest tire in its line-up of high performance tires. First introduced at the Michelin Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the RS “combines revolutionary levels of dry-weather grip, agility, stability and superior handling performance. The Power RS stands out as the sport motorcycle road tire market's new benchmark and accordingly targets the most discerning riders.”

According to the company, the Power RS combines Michelin’s long development history, experience in top-flight racing and its record of innovation. “The combination of new rubber compounds, some of which are derived from racing, and a new casing design, has resulted in incomparable grip on dry roads and a unique experience for the rider.

“The innovative rear tire features a patented construction which benefits from all new Michelin Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT+) for impeccable straight-line and cornering stability.” The tire will be available in 11 different sizes and will cover a broad spectrum of motorcycles, from 250cc bikes to large displacement sport bikes. The Power RS range will be available in January 2017.

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