The new stile ducati book looks at the the 90 year history of the popular Italian motorcycle manufacturer will be released in February 2017.

Last year’s World Ducati Week celebrated the Bologna company’s 90th anniversary. To mark the occasion with a permanent record of their history, Ducati commissioned publisher Skira to produce a volume dedicated to the marque’s design and engineering evolution over the past nine decades.

“Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati design” is the result, a collector’s edition for the faithful Ducatisti, tracing the model development from the Cucciolo to the Testastretta with 336 pages and 150 photographs by Giovanni De Sandre.

Quoted on the site, Ducati Design Director Andrea Ferraresi said, “Every one of our bikes must show it has a full share of Ducati DNA. It must have sports style; it has to ooze adrenalin, power, fluidity and technology. At the same time, its design must be pure and essential, capable of communicating lightness while ensuring high performance and off-the-scale riding fun. A design that sends an at-a-glance shiver down the spine, a taste of what's to come when you ride it.”

The design and text of the large-format book were developed in house, with detail shots and full photos of each model. A timeline at the end includes key moments in the company’s history, followed by a descriptive index of the images.

“Stile Ducati” is available at official dealerships and the online shop at The price is $90.00.

Or you can order Stile Ducati. A visual history of Ducati design from Amazon right now.

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