If you are in the market for a BMW S1000R then you should know the 2016 California Superbike School Bikes Are On Sale Now.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The opportunity to buy the ultimate superbike has just fallen in your lap. The world renowned California Superbike School is liquidating its fleet of 2016 BMW S1000RR motorcycles to make room for the replacement 2017 S1000RR bikes that will replace them in the US based schools.

Unlike many riding schools, the CSS motorcycles are meticulously cared for and have been returned to original stock condition with pristine bodywork and given a full vehicle inspection in preparation for their return to a lackluster life as your sexiest garage queen. Oh, wait a minute. Do you actually ride your bikes? That’s good news because the S1000RR is damn near the sickest sportbike ever made.

California Superbike School Bikes Are On Sale Now

Why should this interest you? Because it’s Christmas coming up and if someone truly loves you (or you simply love yourself), this is a great opportunity to scoop up a Beemer at a reduced price. The MSRP for a new BMW S1000RR is typically $19,000 and that crazy Code clan is selling them for $11,600-$15,300 depending on miles and condition of the bike.

Every one of the school bikes are equipped with the BMW Premium Package that includes DTC, Gear Assist Pro, DDC, Ride Mode Pro, Forged Wheels, Heated Grips and Cruise Control. Also, every bike has current factory updates and are still under full factory warranty.

If you are interested, call California Superbike School at 1-800-530-3350.

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