Former RideApart contributor and current friend of the biz, Jamie Robinson has one of the coolest web shows on the planet. He calls it MotoGeo and if you haven't seen it for yourself then sit your ass down and hit the play button on the video below or else we will send the goons to your house to bust you on the knee. Anyway, the charismatic host of the show has brought a breath of fresh air to a motorcycle business that has gone slightly stagnant in the past decade and in this episode he teams up with Ducati to give five of his fans the adventure of a lifetime.

Robinson takes his group on a ride in Italy that includes a tour through the highway the worms its way through the Dolomites on Ducati Scramblers as they make their way to Misano for the always exciting World Ducati Week in this fast, fun 18-minute video. So, we're sorry to be so pushy so let's try this again. We would like to encourage you to sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the mindless ramblings of Mr. Robinson as he etches his name in the squiggly pink psyche of some truly fortunate dudes he now calls...friends.

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