Triumph Parade sets a new world record with 539 Triumph motorcycles in formation along a the A617 in Mansfield.

The BBC reports that 539 Triumph riders have set a new record for the brand’s longest parade. Each of the 539 riders donated their entry fee to a fund set up by a 29-year-old woman who has had a series of brain tumors since she was four.

Jessica Simpkin's charity has now raised more than £31,000 for research into children's brain tumors. Her mother, Jo French, said they were "in awe of every single rider that turned up". The September event was organized by Staffordshire Triumph and closed a section of the A617 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire for a short time. This week they had confirmation from Guinness World Records they had broken the world record - which previously stood at 362.

Mick Duckworth, who saw the parade, said many of the Triumph motorcycles were "post-1990 products of Triumph Motorcycles in Hinckley" He said there was also a 1937 machine produced at Triumph's pre-war plant in Coventry and one with a sidecar attached. The money raised will go to the Children's Brain Tumor Research Centre at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre.

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