Ride along with Jimmy Lewis as he takes you along for a ride while explaining the 2017 King of the Motos race concept.

Come along for a ride with King of the Motos co-promoter, Jimmy Lewis. Mr. Lewis gives you the play by play of how KOM works, the importance of successful navigation and reading the terrain. The King of the Motos is based off the popular Ultra 4 Racing series event called King of the Hammers. Just imagine 2000 horsepower off-road trucks tackling these same obstacles and you get the point. Apparently Jimmy was out riding one weekend and stumbled across the KOH and the rest as they say, is history.

Six years later the King of the Motos has become one of the premier off-road races and an ultimate test of both an and machine.

This is not a race recap video. This is an opportunity to understand the premise of KOM in detail, get a look at the course layouts and get a feel for what Jimmy is trying to accomplish with KOM. Its an easy five minute clip that should answer any questions you may still have regarding the overall concept of KOM.

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