There are stunts, and then there's rad stuff like this.

When you think NBA you don’t tend to think motorcycles, but that’s exactly what’s featured in a new Mountain Dew commercial starring Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

In the ad, the 6-foot-3 All-Star player is shown performing a handful of things that most people would advise against, including eating seafood in Oklahoma and tickling a fellow player with a feather.

The video ends, though, with Westbrook making the observation that “they say a lot of things.”

But, he advises: “Don’t do ‘they.’ Do you.”

He then grabs a basketball and initiates a motorcycle-mounted slam dunk on a flaming basket. We’d like to see this sort of thing could catch on. It could certainly help the NBA to improve the watchability of basketball – a game that is otherwise pretty boring until the final 45 seconds.

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