Honda Files Emergency Automatic Braking Patent

Honda has reportedly filed a patent application for an automatic emergency braking system on motorcycles. Like most car manufacturers, Honda has developed automated stopping technology for its cars, but motorcycles invoke an array of different issues.

One of the foremost concerns involves the possibility of taking control away from the rider inadvertently. The Honda system is reportedly designed to determine if, in the face of a potential collision, the rider has already begun braking. In that case, the automated system provides supplemental deceleration with the same ratio of front/rear braking input supplied by the rider.


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In the event the rider has failed to respond, the system first activates the rear brake to prevent excessive weight transfer to the front tire. By calculating the traction limit of the rear tire for a given road surface, if it approaches lock-up the Honda system applies the appropriate pressure to the front brake.

If and/or when such an automated braking system will be made available on motorcycles is anyone’s guess. But Honda’s patent application indicates that it will one day be a reality.

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