The Petition cutoff deadline for the ridiculous beef based European motorcycle tariff bill is March 7, 2017. So make your voice heard!

Petition Deadline on Beef-Based Motorcycle Tariff Bill

Six weeks ago we posted news of the proposed Beef+Bikes bill that would impose a 100 percent tariff on European motorcycles below 501cc. The Office of U. S. Trade Representatives heard public testimony in D.C. two weeks ago, where the USTR stated it hoped to use motorcycle imports to fight the European Union’s policy on U. S. beef. (The policy is based on the U. S. use of hormones that are banned in Europe). The last opportunity to oppose this bill is by signing the AMA petition by March 7, 2017. AMA membership is not required.

From the AMA: “The USTR is accepting rebuttals to the Feb. 15 testimony. This provides an opportunity for the public to voice its opinion on the proposed Bikes for Beef tax. And the AMA has the tools to make it easy for you to submit comments. Just sign our petition. The AMA will submit every name and address to the USTR. There is nothing more powerful than tens of thousands of riders joining together to express their concern with the Bikes for Beef tax.”

To sign the petition, go to… Soon.

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