Indian teamed up with former racer Cary Hart and tattoo artist Franco Vescovi to produce a small batch of ink made from the remains of a burnout.

From the department of “Just-when-you-think-you’ve-heard-it-all,” or “How Can I Show the World my Carbon Footprint?” comes this story of bikes, tattoos, and ink made from burnt rubber.

Former American freestyle motocross star Cary Hart believes in a strong bond between motorcycling and tattoos. So strong, in fact, that he wanted a tattoo that would do more than just graphically demonstrate the wild and crazy nature of his sport. He wanted one made of ink that was actually derived from motorcycles, specifically ink made from the rubber of a burnout laid down by his Indian Scout Hooligan flat tracker.

"There is definitely a connection between riding and tattooing for me," he said.

Wanting to highlight that connection, Hart joined forces with Indian Motorcycle and Franco Vescovi of Nocturnal Ink to produce a very small batch of tattoo ink from that very goopy substance. After the smoking burnout, Vescovi scooped up a sample of the burnt rubber to use as a base. He then separated the carbon from the various toxins in the rubber compound and created a limited edition batch of Indian Motorcycle Ink.

The first tattoo done with the burnout ink was on Hart, the name of his son on his shoulder. The remaining portion of the ink will be on the market exclusively at Vescovi’s Vatican City Studios in Lake Forest, Calif., and in four Hart and Huntington Tattoo shops in Las Vegas, NV, Orlando, FL, Niagara Falls, NY and Nashville, TN.

The burnout ink went on sale yesterday, July 11, and will be available until the supply runs out.

No word so far on whether or not Harley-Davidson will offer a similar product. But Hart may have happened on a whole new frontier for entrepreneurs, not to mention a growing market for used motorcycle tires that would otherwise be recycled for less fashionable purposes.

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