Track day riders are familiar with the necessary routine of taping over their glass and plastic bits as a safety requirement. Duct tape is the economy option, but leaves a sticky residue that’s a pain to clean. Gaffer’s tape is a much better option, but also far more costly. Either way the process is time-consuming and often looks hinky.

TrakTape solves all of these issues in an easy, peel-and-stick solution that comes all on one sheet. Custom-designed for the specific designs and colors of individual brands of commonly used motorcycles and using a unique durable and flexible material, TrakTape is not only simple to apply, but also remove with no mess or residue. And, what many riders will find most appealing, is that their track photography will look clean and professional.

TrakTape also has racers covered with a ‘Naked’ line of WSBK-style faux headlights that look amazing on track-only race fairings. TrakTape is currently sponsoring MotoAmerica racers Corey Alexander (1000 Superstock) and Connor Blevins (600 Superstock) who use the product on their racebikes for internationally televised MotoAmerica races. TrakTape is available in both single sheets and multi-packs for Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW and Aprilia with Suzuki, Honda and many others coming soon.

TrakTape kits run from $20 for singles to $70 for a four-pack. For more information, visit the TrakTape website.


TrakTape is the Ultimate Way to Cover Your Lights for Track Days

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