Check out the Women's MX Series results fro Round Two of the 2017 championship at Freestone MX.

Round two of the Onsia Sound Art Women's Motocross Championship (WMX) int Wortham, Texas, saw Team Green Kawasaki's Hannah Hodges take her second win. Hodges grabbed the holeshot in both motos, just edging current champion, Kylie Fasnacht, followed by Jamie Astudillo and Eve Brodeur.

Hodges Wins Again in Women’s MX Series

Hodges led the first race from start to finish with Fasnacht unfortunately making close friends with a sand berm allowing Astudillo to make the pass and take over second place. Brandy Richards had a mid-pack start and eventually put her Yamaha into the third podium position. Shelby Rolen took fourth followed by Brodeur. Fasnacht remounted and was able to finish tenth overall. Moto Two repeated the order of front runners in turn one was a replay of Moto One, but in turn two the combination of a slick surface and too much throttle quickly turned Astudillo into a speed bump for the other riders. Richards moved into the third spot followed by Brodeur and Rolen. Halfway through the race, and with additional traffic, Fasnacht pulled the trigger on Hodges and took over the lead to the finish line. Richards stayed consistent holding down the third spot with Rolen moving into fourth.

Hodges' 1/2 moto finishes gave her the win on the day followed by Richards (3/3) in 2nd, Rolen (4/4) for 3rd and Fasnacht in 4th with 10/1 moto finishes. Round Three of the Onsia WMX will take place April 9 as part of the FMF California Classic at the Pala Raceway in Southern California. For more information about the series, go to For more information about the Pala event or to register to race, go to

Hodges Wins Again in Women’s MX Series

Freestone WMX Results:

1. Hannah Hodges 1/2

2. Brandy Richards 3/3

3. Shelby Rolen 4/4

4. Kylie Fasnacht 10/1

5. Amanda Brown 6/6

6. Eve Brodeur 5/7

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