Energica Motor Company announces a new General Manager as they strive to continue growth in the US market place.

Stefano Benatti is the new General Manager of Energica Motor Company Inc., the American division of Energica Motor Company S.p.A., the first Italian company to produce high-performance electric motorcycles. Energica Motor Company Inc., based in the San Francisco Bay area, supports the growing demand for electrics in the U.S. market.

Benatti, 38, brings a rare combination of industrial and luxury expertise to Energica Motor, thanks to his over 10-year of automotive and industrial leadership experience with international companies. A critical factor in Benatti’s success has been his attitude on understanding and meeting customer needs.

The new general manager will develop the Energica brand in the United States and will work alongside the Italian team to strengthen Energica products in the American market. He will reinforce the presence of the brand by promoting the facilities already working in California and will have a key role in the development of new commercial partnerships alongside the sales department.

“I’m very happy to join the Energica family. Working with the team and experiencing their energy and expertise is very inspiring for me. This has given me a lot of determination to help grow the Energica brand here in US.” Says Benatti. “What makes Energica stand out is the true Italian attention to detail. You’re not going to buy a simple motorcycle, you’re going to buy a piece of art, an outstanding innovative product.”

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