RideApart bids farewell to a friend and member of the motorcycling community.

A friend of RideApart and well-known member of the Los Angeles  motorcycle community passed away earlier this month.

Jose "Pops" Velasco used to run his own operations around the East Side of Los Angles, but decided to go mobile, bypassing the ever-rising cost rent.

"Pops and I met around 10 years ago at Illuminati motorcycles on Sunset Boulevard in SilverLake," said rider Beau Coldrin. "He was performing as their main wrench – tackling the heavy lifting. I didn't get his number, nor go back to that spot, but a friend recommended a stellar mechanic to me a few years ago when I was frustrated with a pesky problem. I called him up and he swung by... I recognized him immediately.

Friend of RideApart Jose 'Pops' Velasco Dies

"Since then he had been a superior guide to myself and many others. He was always sharing tips... and fine tuned my machines with skills so acute that I considered him a master wizard of the wheeled realms."

For my own part, I'm as saddened by Pops' passing as I am frustrated that I'll probably never find another mechanic like him. He was an excellent person and one of the few great mechanics that was mobile. He came to the rescue again and again, and gave awesome advice.

He will be missed.

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