Check out these Chuck Taylor All Star Hipster Motorcycle friendly Sneakers

Way back in the day, it was a big deal when the Converse guy came to the high school to outfit the basketball team. Converse had the market sewed up tighter than the school board’s grip on the principal’s curriculum choices. The players had no choice of alternative footwear; you wanna play basketball? You wear Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

At some point, along with retro fashion items like skinny jeans, suspenders, stingy-brim hats and excessive facial hair (for men), Converse All-Stars became trendy. With the style shifts appealing to hip-hop hipsters, be-bop gangstas and below-the-butt beltlines, the everlasting quest for costume identity has come full circle to include motorcycle sneakers.

Ground Chuck - Moto Friendly Converse High Tops

Since thin canvas shoes are ill-suited to motorcycling, but consistent with the trendsetting style of fashionista footwear, “Chucks” have now been adapted as suitable shoes for the urbane urban rider. In collaboration with a company called Neighborhood, Converse has added a shifter strap made of rubber and leather on the instep, which protects both the shoe and the foot. Brilliant! And the word SHIFT in printed right on the strap. You're looking at the Converse X Neighborhood Chuck Taylor motorcycle shoes.

(Also imprinted on the right strap: Neighborhood Technical Apparel/ Tokyo, Est. 1994/Craft with Pride) The Moto Chucks also feature leather reinforcements around the eyelets, ankle and heel. The price for the “specialized motorcycle sneakers” is $110. Dope, man.

Ground Chuck - Moto Friendly Converse High Tops

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