MotoGeo’s globetrotting rider and general thumbs-up guy Jamie Robinson took “his Mad-Max custom Honda CB600RR adventure machine on the ‘roads to nowhere’ out in the Mojave Desert.” Robinson calls the Honda Dionysus, after the Greek god of the grape harvest, wine, ritual madness, fertility, theater and religious ecstasy. Good name for an adventure motorcycle.

While a middleweight road bike wouldn’t be our first choice as an “adventure bike,” Robinson makes it work by virtue of riding skills and relatively modest off-road routes. (Sufficient, however to give him a flat tire, quickly fixed with Slime and a 12-volt air compressor.)

The rider tours California City, “the biggest city never built.” The development plan for the outback included thousands of home, lots sold to families and investors, and a grid of paved roads that now lead to… nowhere. Robinson rides the roads in fading light, eats live crickets chased by a protein bar, and rides some more.

The MotoGeo videos are enhanced by capsule history lessons, nice drone-video viewscapes, and in this instance, colorful wildflowers blooming across the Mojave Desert. And tasty crickets.

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